Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fancy Free in 4th - Product Swap!!


Yay! It is that time again!! Jessica Stanford from Mrs. Stanford's Class is hosting the amazing Product Swap again! This time, I am paired up with the amazing Layla from Fancy Free in 4th!! She has one amazing blogger that you should definitely check out!! She is a 4th grade teacher from Southern California, and she shares lots of great information and fun teaching ideas on her blog!!!

So, today, I am going to tell you about one of Layla's awesome products! It is called A Homonym a Day, and I love it!! I promise you will too! :) 

First, she has some awesome posters that describe homographs and homophones. They are so easy to understand and look great hanging in the classroom!!

Next, their is a great graphic organizer that shows students how homographs and homophones are both homonyms! It is an easy way for students to understand this concept, and it is super awesome! :) 

Also included are some graphic organizers that help students differentiate between different homophones and homographs! 102 to be exact! :) 

Here are some pictures of some that we are starting in my classroom! :) 

Please head on over to Layla's awesome blog Fancy Free in 4th!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

iPad mini, Kindle Fire HD, or Nook HD?!?

Check this out! Head on over to Teacher's Notebook to enter to win your choice of an iPad mini, a Kindle Fire HD, or a Nook HD!!! How sweet is that?!? Just click the picture below to go enter!! :) 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quietest Pencil Sharpener....

As a teacher, I know that sometimes the loud hum of a pencil sharpener can drive you crazy! Can I get an AMEN? Well, I was sent this little bad boy this past summer, and I LOVE IT!!! I was asked to review this sharpener on my blog, and so I am going to be COMPLETELY honest with you! First, let me show you some pictures of this adorable pencil sharpener!

Look how cute it is!! It also comes in red, black, and green!!

It is very small and attaches to the counter so easily!!

Here I am using the sharpener to give you another view of it!!

I was very pleased with how well the shavings STAY IN the little tray! I hate pulling the tray out of pencil sharpeners and the shavings going everywhere!! The shavings stay in this tray friends!! :) 

Isn't it cute?!? Guys, I am being serious when I tell you, I love this pencil sharpener! It is so easy for my students to use, and it is so quiet. I don't mind at all letting my students sharpen their pencils because I can't hear it! :) To prove how quiet it is, here is a little video my niece took of me sharpening a pencil. 

Now do you believe me?!? :) 

Go check out this amazing pencil sharpener friends! Just click the picture below! You will not be disappointed!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Here are my 2 resolutions for 2013!!

1) Personal: I want to start eating healthier and be more active! I am not going to set any weight loss goals this year like I have in the past!! I just want to be healthier!! :) 

2) Blogging: I want to blog at least 2 times each week!! 

What are your resolutions for 2013?? 

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