Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product SWAP!!


Can you tell I am just a little bit excited?!? I have been looking forward to this post ALL WEEK! Reason number 1 I am so excited is because I have a great partner I get to swap with today! I had the pleasure of swapping products with Liliris from Fourth Grade Garden!!! She is a 4th grade teacher with one awesome blog! If you have never visited her blog before, please click on the link above or her button below and go check her out!

Reason number 2 I am so excited is because I get to review this awesome product! The product I am blogging about today is her Number of the Week Daily Math Routine. Let me just tell you, this packet is AWESOME! I have had so much fun printing it and laminating it! It is so pretty! You are probably laughing at me, but I love pretty things for my classroom!!! AND this packet is not just pretty, it is a great way to have your students working with numbers EVERY DAY in your classroom! I LOVE some math so this was just perfect for my classroom! You hang a number of the week in your classroom and students complete a different worksheet each day using the number! Let me show you some pictures so you can see for yourself why this packet is fun and exciting!

First, there are FIVE, yes FIVE, designs to choose from for your main "Number of the Week" poster. The one I chose is very colorful. Here is a picture of it all laminated and ready to go!

Of course I had to pick the most colorful one!! :) Here are the other designs that are included in the packet.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them ALL!! <3

This packet also comes with 20 pages of numbers going from tens to ten thousands place! All you have to do is laminate them and cut them out! There is also a page where you can write in your own numbers! I stuck some velcro dots on my numbers and poster so they would be easy to interchange. Here are 2 pictures of how the poster looks with the numbers hanging on it! 

Don't they just look great?!? Now, here are the different daily worksheets students complete with the number of the week, and YES, there is a blank sheet for you to create your own!

I think this packet is a great way to review number sense with your students throughout the whole year! Some of the skills included are expanded form, written form, base ten blocks, rounding, ordering, number line, place value, odd, even, and fact families! This is a great spiral review tool to use throughout the whole year!!

Please go check out my friend Liliris from Fourth Grade Garden! You will be glad you did! :)


  1. Thanks for swapping with me Lacie! I can't believe how many sweet things you wrote. This post has made my day. You are AMAZING!!!

    Fourth Grade Garden

    1. Thank you for swapping with me! :) This was SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Great reviews, ladies! You did a nice job and I love the products!

    Heather at TeachItToday